To request for a reservation please fill out the reservation request form in this link:

Reservation Request

We will try to respond your request within 24 hours. For same day request or less than 24 hours notice please give us a call at 202-333-2308 instead. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until we respond to your request.

We do take walk-ins when there is room however we strongly recommend making reservation. Our tearoom is tiny; most of the times we are fully reserved on weekends and we recommend making reservation at least 3 weeks in advance. For weekdays we still recommend at least calling ahead.

Reservation Deposit

Weekend: $20 for a party of less than 6; $60 for a party of 6 or more

Weekdays: no deposit for a party of less than 6; $60 for a party of 6 or more

After deposit is made we will send you a confirmation receipt to your email. Please do check your reservation time printed on the receipt and make sure it is correct as what is written is what we have in our book.

Cancellation/reschedule policy: 48 hr email notice.

Weather policy: unless our store cannot operate due to the weather, the cancellation/reschedule policy is still in effect. If you live far we advise to cancel/reschedule your reservation with 48 hr notice.

Tea Party Reservation (party of 6-11 people)

Please refer to our menu for tea party fixed price menu. Tea party is charged per person attending despite any circumstances. Unless noted in advance we will send out all varieties of food to the middle of your table to be shared among your guests. Please let us know if any of your guests has any dietary restriction and we will do our best to adjust the menu accordingly. Should any of your party wish not to eat for any reason, we can either box up that portion of the food or pass it to the rest of the party. Please keep us updated with any change in the number of your guests; with less than 48 hr notice we can tolerate up to 2 people dropping out.