About Us


Afternoon tea has always been something that Debby and Han have enjoyed, but they struggled to find a welcoming and accessible tea room in the D.C. area to take part in this leisure. After 2 years of having successfully managed Macaron Bee, The power couple felt ready to expand their brand and share their dream.

Around the world, each community holds its unique way of enjoying tea, and here at Lady Camellia we aspire to be the locale that serves as a middle ground where cultures and traditions can intertwine. That’s what Lady Camellia is all about; a pastry and tea room where family and friends can gather to relax, reconnect, and take a break from their busy lives; a place where everyone can come together to enjoy savories and pastries, as well as complement their treats with the finest teas and tisanes. A place to celebrate life.

Remember: it is more than tea and nibbles, it is an experience. We look forward to welcoming you.


Lady Camellia

3261 Prospect St NW

Washington, DC 20007